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are these lips for real?

April 7th, 2009 link to (permalink)

6 years ago
Paris Hilton altered the gene pool for dogs, making the average dog DNA instruction for canine size nearer a rat-like Mexican lap dog. Now Angelina Jolie has done something similar for humans and lips.
If this ad is to be believed, it is now attractive to look like a medical disaster. We tried sliding the weird control to see if it made the lips deflate… sadly it didn’t.
Does anyone know what the story is with this ad? Is it genuine, or is it something to deliberately provoke us into a bra-less, hairy armpitted feminist uprising?

(video) H&M Spring Fashion 09 add is absurd & beautiful

April 7th, 2009 link to (permalink)

6 years ago
I absolutely love it, it's so creative and incongruous: it could have been inspired by the movie "Being John Malkovitch".
And the song "I've seen that face before" is perfectly matched to the weirdness of this add.

Eva Herzigova & Vincent Gallo are the actors/models.

Director: Johan Renck
Producer: Annabel Ridley

Anatomy Undies

April 2nd, 2009 link to (permalink)

6 years ago
A Craftster user made these for an undie swap – the mind boggles at that alone. But these, eeew.

Bankers told to Wear Suits to not Look Like Bankers

March 30th, 2009 link to (permalink)

6 years ago
Bankers in London are being told to avoid wearing their usual suits and to wear something a bit more hip, to avoid getting beaten to a bloody pulp by G20 protesters.

The problem is that a bankers idea of what is hip casual attire will make them look like, well… bankers,

Further, since hipsters have been wearing ironic suits from Jarvis Cocker in the 90s to Williamsburg now, fashion experts (huh) are recommending bankers wear suits to avoid standing out.

We will let you know when the first trust fund Hoxtenite gets the shit kicked out of him by mistake.

From the New York Times:

JPMorgan is allowing its London employees to wear casual attire, including jeans and tennis shoes, according to an internal memo obtained by Forbes. It advises people to avoid briefcasesand laptop bags, in favor of backpacks and plastic carrier bags.

This may not be as easy as it sounds, since bankers are used to wearing suits and smart ties to work, The Guardian of London argues. The newspaper’s fashion mavens believe the ideal outfit would be the ironic Hoxton suit, which, for New Yorkers, would be similar to the look of a Williamsburg hipster and consist of a brilliantly boring cardigan, neatly buttoned and worn with a skinny-ish tie and narrow-fit trousers.

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